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DC-21 Dual Channel Vibration Analyzer and Data Collector
The DC_21 is a fully digital, two channel spectrum analyzer and data collector. It is used to make:
  • Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Measurements
  • Rotor Balancing
  • Test Diagnostics

VM-21 Vibration Monitor
The VM-21 is a fully digital, programmable dual channel vibration monitor for on-line systems. It is intended to make:
  • Continuous on-line measurement of vibration levels from ICP type accelerometers according to ISO 10816 and other standards.
  • Measurements and indication of voltage signals from different sensors.

DREAM (Diagnostic Rolling Element Analysis Module)
DREAM is used for:
  • automatic detection and identification of defects in rotating machines after machine installation or repair and during normal operation
  • long-term predictions of a machine's condition and forecasts of the minimum safe operation period of the machine
  • predictive maintenance planning
  • automatic detection and identification of incipient defects for periods of up to several months before dangerous situations develop and continued monitoring of the development of the defects.
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VBal Field Balancing Systems
VibroTek and VAST provide a full range of systems for field balancing from light systems using up to 3 balancing planes and up to 8 measurement points to professional systems with almost no limits. The main features of the systems are as follows:
  • measurement process monitoring that allows you to reduce machine runs
  • program algorithms to get required balancing accuracy using the minimal number of planes and trial runs

DCFIL generates the filters specified by DREAM, processes the input data, automatically removes interfering signals from the data before the data is demodulated, and then does the remaining demodulation and other signal processing necessary for DREAM.
In most cases, DCFIL also controls the measurement hardware, although it may also be used to process previously collected time domain data.
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